5000$ Dollars to Naira Black Market Rate|Convert 5000 Dollars To Naira

Do you have 5,000 dollars that you would love to convert to naira? If yes, right here on this page, we will show you how you convert it and the naira equivalent you would get from the Aboki or BDC Operator. Regardless of the amount you want to convert, the black market remains one of the best places to convert your dollars at a reasonable rate.

According to various sources, a dollar is equivalent to 1005 in the black market rates, and sellers on NGNRates did not go above 1005 for now but once the price exceeds that amount, this page will be updated.

The value can change at any time as the black market rate is highly volatile compared to the bank rates determined by the Central Bank of Nigera[CBN]. One thing that affects the black market rate is the demand for dollars.

Amount in DollarNaira Equivalent

If you want to get $5000 in naira, you must carry 4,990,000 to your AbokiFx or exchanger since the buying rate is 998.

Due to the high volatility of the black market rate, visit this page frequently to know when price adjustments are made, as we update such articles daily. Last week, the rate was a bit constant compared to the previous one, which was too volatile as the prices changed almost daily.

Please drop your questions in the comment section below. Also, let us know the rate in your area.

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