Canadian Dollar(CAD) to Naira Black Market Rate 2023

Do you have Canadian Dollars that you would love to convert to Naira using the black market rate? Before we continue many might be wondering about the difference between Canadian dollars and the normal dollar. The Canadian dollar is the official currency of Canada and also makes use of the symbol $ however, CAD is used to refer to the Canadian dollars.

According to our research, Canadian dollars is selling at 770 which is a bit lower than the normal dollars. This is the black market rate meaning that if you have 1 Canadian dollar(CAD) you would be given ₦820. As you all know, the rate is not steady meaning various Bureau De Change[BDC] Operators have various prices.

The buying rate is slightly lower than the selling rate and the price is ₦820. This implies that if you want to get 1 Canadian dollars, you would have to pay that amount.

Amount In Canadian Dollars [CAD]Amount In Naira [₦]

The selling rate is ₦820 meaning that if you need 1CAD, you would need that amount to purchase it from the black market operators. The CAD is not listed on the CBN currency exchange page.


There has been a slight increase in the black market rates of the Canadian dollars. The price has finally increased to ₦820 while the buying rate increased to ₦800 which is higher than the previous selling price. This price has been constant for over the last few weeks and there has been no change compared to the US Dollars.

These figures are not steady meaning that they can change on a daily basis so visit this article to know when the price changes.

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