Leila Nathoo Education: Biography, Education, Carer Net worth

Leila Nathoo is a renowned Journalist that has been working with BBC for a very long time. She currently works as a political correspondent for the broadcasting giant and in addition, she is also into social networking. On this page, we would talk about her biography, education, career, and net worth.

Leila Nathoo Biography

Leila was born in 1985 in England however, there is no information about her place of birth or her exact date of birth. We were unable to gather any information on her family or siblings but according to Marathi.tv, she is also a writer and has written for the Guardian and The Independent.

Leila Nathoo Education

Journalists are well educated and she is well-schooled. There is no information concerning her high school or the University she attended.

Leila Nathoo Career & Net Worth

She has covered a lot of important stories as a journalist especially those that are politically related. She is said to have an estimated net worth of $500k.

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