Linda Pizzuti Biography, Education, Boston Globe, Husband, Net worth

Linda Pizzuti is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, producer, investor, and executive co-owner of the Boston Globe Newspaper, Boston Red Sox, and Liverpool FC. Her dad is said to have been a real estate developer and taught her the trade alongside her siblings.

Linda Pizzuti Biography

Linda Pizzuti was born on September 20, 1978, in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, USA. Her zodiac sign is Virgo, and she is of mixed ethnicity, as her parents are Italian immigrants.

Linda was born to Don and Maria Pizzuti. Her dad, Don Pizzuti, is a renowned real estate developer who moved to England when he was a teenager, where he worked for companies like Polaroid and GE while building his real estate portfolio.

Linda has three elder sisters, and according to, their father introduced them to the real estate business.

Linda Pizzuti Education

Linda attended a high school in Lynnfield before proceeding to Babson College, where she received her undergraduate degree. She furthered her education at MIT, receiving a master’s degree in real estate development.

Linda Pizzuti Career

Linda started by working with her father’s company alongside her siblings. She is more involved in her husband’s project as she is the brain behind creating two Emmy-nominated TV shows on NESN and Fenway Farms.

Her husband purchased The Boston Globe in 2013 and named her the managing director. Though this move was not welcomed by a lot of people at first, later on, she was accepted by a lot of people. Linda is very innovative, which has helped move her husband’s business forward as she pushed the Boston Globe by starting GlobeDocs and HubWeek. In addition to this, she also created the Red Sox Mascot Tessie and negotiated deals to expand Anfield, the stadium of English Premier League club side Liverpool.

Linda Pizzuti Husband

Linda is known to travel a lot, and it was during one of her travels that she met her husband, John Henry. Their story was narrated inĀ Boston Magazine, and they said they met when she was gearing up for a ten-day trip to Europe.

Linda thought their first meeting would be their last meeting together, but they later met at an event in the New Renaissance Hotel on the waterfront.

Linda initially does not enter into a relationship with John because of their vast age difference and his popularity. Still, after their second meeting, she is charmed by his wit and intellect. After that, they go to dinner with other colleagues.

John Henry proposed to Linda at the Four Seasons Hotel while they were in an elevator, and they tied the knot in 2009. The couple has two children, Siena Henry, and a son, while Henry has two children named John and Peggy Sue Henry from his previous relationship.

Linda Pizzuti’s Net worth

Linda is known to be one of the best real estate developers in the world, and she made the Boston Magazine’s Most Influential and Movers Shakers list. She has an estimated net worth of $85million.