Pounds(GBP) To Naira(₦) Black Market Rate Today(October.03.2023)AbokiFx

Do you have some British Pounds and would love to swap them? Before concerning your money, you must know the Pounds to Naira Black Market Rate which is also known as Aboki because that is what you would use to convert your money. Pounds is one of the most valued currencies in the world and have a higher rate than the USD Dollars, which is also one of the most used currencies for exchange.

The rate has been updated based on the Abuja and Lagos rates which are the most commonly used rates in the country. In our USD to Naira Black market rate article, we talked about the difference between buying and selling when it comes to foreign currencies and will state in more straightforward terms on this page.

If you have 300£ and would love to convert it to naira, then you are selling while if you want to convert from naira to the Pounds equivalent, you are buying and with this example, we have made it easy for those who do not understand these terms.

Pounds(£) To Naira(₦) Black Market Rate Today(October.03.2023)

As of today October 02, 2023, Pounds is being sold at 1265 at bought at 1255 and according to NGN Rates, the selling rate is between 1240 and 1280 while the buying rate is between 1240 and 1255.

Pounds to Naira (GBP to NGN)Black Market Exchange Rate Today
Selling Rate1265
Buying Rate1255

From the table above, If one has £1,000 and would love to convert it to naira, you would be given 1,265,000 while if you would love to buy that exact amount you would need to have 1,255,000.

Amount In PoundsNaira Equivalent

Pounds(£) To Naira(₦) Central Bank Rate Today

According to the currency page here www.cbn.gov.ng/rates/exchratebycurrency.asp, the selling rate is 935 while the buying rate is 934. The table below shows Pounds to naira CBN rates today

Pounds to Naira (GBP to NGN)Central Bank Exchange Rate Today
Selling Rate935
Buying Rate934

We would have to make it clear that these rates are subject to change also, there might be slight variations in the amount used by various Bureau De Change[BDC] operators in the country. There has been a slight increase in the Central Bank rates compared to last week.


Today October 03, 2023, there is no change in both the CBN and parallel market rate but we will update you if there is any change.

Let us know the rates in your state in the comment section below.

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