Canada Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot (2024)

Although most people planning to migrate to Canada choose the more popular provinces as their place of residence, the smaller communities in Canada are just as developed. The Rural and Northern immigration pilot is a program created to help increase the migration of foreign skilled workers towards smaller communities in Canada. The eleven communities currently … Read more

Canadian Dollar(CAD) to Naira Black Market Rate 2024

See how to convert Canadian Dollar to Naira in the black market rate- Do you have Canadian Dollars that you would love to convert to Naira using the black market rate? Before we continue many might be wondering about the difference between Canadian dollars and the normal dollar. The Canadian dollar is the official currency … Read more

Heather Zumarraga Education: See Her Biography, Career, Net worth

Heather Zumarraga is an Economist, Businesswoman, public speaker, and author known for writing The Man’s Guide To Corporate Culture. She once held the position of Vice president and Vision 4 Fund Distributors market administrator. One word to describe Heather is exceptional because she always standout anywhere she works. On this page, SEED will explore her education, … Read more