Australia Jobs With Visa Sponsorship For Immigrants

The commonwealth of Australia is the sixth largest city in the world and comprises numerous islands. Known for being a multicultural country, Australia is known to receive a huge amount of immigrants on a yearly basis who come either for study or work purposes. Securing a job in Australia is the climax for those who want to reside there permanently and this article will highlight the procedures to secure a job with visa sponsorship in the country.

Australia is one of the countries in need of skilled immigrant workers and like Canada, they have specially designed programs to aid immigrants migrate from their country with ease. In order to reduce the complexities faced, the Government of Australia made three changes which include:

  • Raising the minimum salary threshold for temporary workers from AUD 53,900 to AUD 70,000
  • Creating a clear pathway to¬†permanent residency¬†for temporary visa holders
  • Separating the immigration program into tiers.

Visa sponsored jobs are the best ones for immigrants especially for those without a prior knowledge of how the country is. One can obtain visa sponsored jobs in sectors like Insurance, Oil and Gas, Auto, and education sector as a foreigner.

Eligibility To Work In Australia As An Immigrant

There are requirements that one must possess to be eligible to work in the commonwealth of Australia as an immigrant. The most vital requirements that an immigrant must possess is the skilled worker visa which is issued through the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs), for eligible professionals or trades persons.

The Australia skilled work visa is categorized into temporary and permanent visas while the two main pathways to secure it are employer sponsored; and independent or nominated.

How To Apply For Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In Australia As An Immigrant

There are recommended websites where one can secure a visa sponsored job in Australia as an immigrant and some of them include:

  • Seek.com.au
  • australianskilledmigration.com.au
  • LinkedIn


Securing a job in the commonwealth of Australia as an immigrant is possible with the right knowledge. Australia is open to receiving immigrants willing to take up job listed in their eligible profession list like aeronautical engineers, pilots, technicians, and plant operators to mention a few.