MBA Scholarship For International Students

See the best MBA Scholarships for International students. Are you an international student looking for financial aid in countries like the USA, Australia, and Canada? We have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best MBA Scholarships.

Best MBA Scholarships For International Students

1. Aston Business School MBA Scholarships for International Students 

Aston Business School provides full-time MBA Scholarships at various levels to candidates who demonstrate the potential to transform the MBA cohort. The categories are Gold and silver scholarships.

The Gold scholarship is worth £12,000 and is usually awarded to a small number of outstanding candidates, while the Silver scholarship is worth £6,000 and will be awarded to excellent candidates. 

2. Stanford University MBA Fellowship for African Students

This scholarship is designed for Africans looking for financial aid to obtain an MBA at Stanford GSB. It is worth US$140,000, and the applicant is expected to secure admission to the Stanford MBA Program before they can become eligible.

3. Jim Ellert MBA Scholarships for Students from Africa, Europe, and Asia

This MBA Scholarship is targeted at Africans, Europeans, and Asia, to mention a few, and the host institution is IMD Business School Switzerland.

 4. Pershing Square Scholarships for Masters and MBA Students At Oxford University

The Oxford-Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships program commenced in 2014. It provides six full awards covering both the Master’s and MBA degrees. It covers the course fee and provides a grant for living costs of at least £17,668 per year for both years of study. 

5. HHL Leipzig MBA Scholarships for African Students

This scholarship is for the whole time MBA program. The scholarship aims to increase the MBA Program’s diversity and support HHL’s mission to “educate effective, responsible and entrepreneurial business leaders through excellence in teaching, research and practice.

The scholarship application should be submitted alongside the program application. Visit www.hhl.de/application-full-time-mba-program/ to get more information.

6. Curtin University MBA Scholarship for International Students – Australia

Curtin University provides this scholarship to women, which is 40% of the tuition fees for the MBA course for up to a maximum of 4 years.

7. Fondation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarships for Women from Africa and Asia

The Fondation Rainbow Bridge scholarship is awarded twice annually to women from Asian or African countries affected by natural disasters.