See Dollar To Naira Black Market Rates Live Today(October 11, 2023)

Right on this page, we are going to provide live updates on the Dollar to Naira black market rates today. Dollar has been on an increase in the black market and it even passed ₦1040 on Binance and on this page, we will provide an update of the rates in black market and other exchanger sites.

Today, a dollar is sold for ₦1025 in the black market though some exchangers sold for a higher rate while others sold for a lower rate. It is bought at ₦1020 today meaning that if you were to obtain $100 from BDC operators, you will be charged ₦102,000.

Places like Abuja and Lagos can sell as high as ₦1030 today while other locations may sell slightly below that range.

Dollar($) To Naira(₦) Live Updates Today(October 11, 2023)

Presently, the selling rate is ₦1025. According to NGNRates, the range is between ₦ 1010 and ₦ 1020 for the selling rate while the buying rate is between ₦ 1000 and ₦ 1005.

The selling & buying rate as obtained from Abokifx.com is ₦1030 and ₦1020 which is also equivalent to the rate obtained from Abokiforex.app.

Pounds(GBP) To Naira(₦) Live Updates Today(October 11, 2023)

Pounds was said to have exchanged at ₦1260 and you can read about it here. The rates obtained from Abokifx.com is 1255/1265 with the first one indicating the buying rate and the other the selling rate.

Euro To Naira Live Updates Today(October 11, 2023)

Euro is exchanged at ₦1065 and bought at ₦1060 while the rates obtained from Abokifx is 1060 / 1070.

If you have any questions, let us know via the comment section below also, let us know the rate in your area.