How To Write An Application Letter For A Job Vacancy(2024)

An application letter is vital for job applications, and knowing how to write a top-notch letter can help you stand out amongst other applicants. Many companies prefer applicants to submit an application letter stating the value they will add to the company in addition to the requirements or qualities they possess.

Before proceeding, we would love to state that having a good application letter does not make up for a poorly written resume, so ensure your CV is correctly written before you consider drafting an application letter.

How To Write An Application Letter For A Job Vacancy(2024)

One should note the steps before writing an application letter, and we will outline some of those steps below.

1. Do A Proper Research About The Company & Role

The first step to writing any application letter is to know the company you’re interested in working with and ensure that you go through the specifications of that role. Doing proper research helps one avoid writing a substandard letter.

2. Decide The Format and Decide The Contact Details To Be Used

An application letter will be a formal letter, meaning that it will contain two addresses, the first being your own while the second being the address of the manager or H.R. Your address should include the following details:

  • Location
  •  LGA
  •  State
  •  Date
  •  P.O. Box

3. Decide On The Information That Will Be Provided In The Letter Body

In the letter body, you must include your name in the starting line and provide relevant information about yourself. Some of the details you’re expected to provide about yourself in the letter include the following:

  • Your Work Experience: Clearly state your roles and the companies you worked with.
  •  The value you will bring to the Company: No recruiter will want to hire someone valueless, so spend time discussing why you’re the best candidate for the role.
  •  Explain How Your experience is related to the advertised role: When writing, explain how your qualifications match the position you’re applying for.

4. Conclude & Sign

After you’re done with the body, conclude the letter stating that you have proven why you’re the best for the role. At the bottom of the letter, provide your name and ensure you sign.

Tips To Note When Writing An Application Letter

When writing an application letter, take note of the following tips:

  • Try your best to be formal
  •  Use paragraphs and punctuate when necessary
  •  Make your letter easy to read
  •  Avoid repeating the same point in different paragraphs
  •  The letter should be concise

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