N-Power Batch C, NASIMS Portal Login, News, New Enrollment And Validation

The Npower NASIMS portal is the only means by which the Batch C candidates can access the various facilities allocated to them. You might be wondering if the portal is only for Batch C, and we would love to inform you that it can only be accessed by batch c beneficiaries. What we would be covering on the portal login procedures, latest news, and validation procedures or steps.

The Npower portal Batch C portal has been deactivated for now but once the program is reintroduced again by the Federal Ministry of Disaster Management and Social Development[FMHDS].

What’s The Latest News On Npower NASIMS?

You can get the latest updates on the Npower social media handles. Npower has introduced a new portal for Batch C2 beneficiaries to undergo validation. The essence of the validation is to resolve the issue of non-payment of salaries due to this non-validation of beneficiary details.

Npower Deployment

Npower Batch C Validation Portal| See How To Validate Your Details

The Npower NASIMS validation portal is validation.nasims.ng/validate and the details that would be required include the following: Npower ID, BVN, NIN, and your Bank Account Details. Follow the steps below to validate your details:

  • Visit the Npower validation portal validation.nasims.ng/validate
  • Click on the Accept button you see under the pop-up message
  • Input your Npower ID, BVN, NIN, and Bank Account Details

Now you might be asking Is The Validation for everyone? The answer is no, the validation is for those who are yet to receive their payments due to invalidated details. The validation must be done before the deadline else your payment would be withheld.

UPDATE: There is a new way to access the Npower NASIMS portal those procedures have been outlined in the Npower Batch C portal login article so go through it before you continue reading this article.

Latest News On Npower Place Of Primary Assigment[PPA]

PPA is the place where you are posted and those who are absent from the place allocated to them would have their payments withheld for a period of 45 days and if there is no clearance letter for reinstatement, the beneficiary would be exited from the Npower Programme. There is a monitoring and Evaluation team that focuses on monitoring beneficiaries at their allocated PPAs.

Npower Payment Of Witheld Salaries & Backlogs

Payment of withheld salaries will commence on November 2023 according to the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs. The Npower programme has also been renamed to Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP) and more information will be provided on that in the coming days.

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