Npower Batch C 2023 Portal Login[NASIMS, Stream 2]

Npower Batch C Portal Login Procedures have been outlined right here on this page. The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs opened a new portal for the Batch C beneficiaries. This portal is only for Batch C[Stream 1 & Stream 2] applicants and it’s quite different from the other Npower registration portal

The first thing intending candidates must know how to do is to create an account on the portal and that can be done by simply visiting the registration page Once, you visit the page, you would see a form that would have to fill out by carefully The form is divided into the following sections: Personal Information, Residential Details, Educational Background, and other details[Where you would have to upload your BVN, NYSC Discharge/exemption certificate, Birth Certificate, and Local Government Identification Letter].

Npower Batch C[Stream 1 & Stream 2]Portal Login Procedures

The Npower Batch C Portal has now been modified by Npower and we would outline the procedures to follow in order to gain access. Follow the steps below to access the portal:

  • Visit the Login page or
  • Once you’re redirected, you would see a list of the various Npower Schemes[N-power, NHGSFP, GEEP, and CCT]
  • Tick on the circle and once the button turns green, click on the Continue button, and you would be redirected to

On testing the new portal, we noticed that the button only turns green when you select the Npower scheme meaning that you would be unable to access the login portal for the other schemes for now.

The portal is where the application would be done also, your deployment letter which contains details about your PPA would also be available in your portal so ensure that you remember the details you used to login frequently. Another important thing that would be done on the portal is Verification which is mandatory for applicants. is another portal introduced for the Npower 2023 application exercise and creating an account there is also an easy and straightforward process. To create an account, visit the portal and click on the apply button and you would be redirected to a page where you would have to input your email address for validation. Once that’s done, you can now complete your registration.

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  1. Has been trying to validate my NIN and it’s saying nin does not exist…what could be the problem because my NIN is very correct and it has been holding me up not to complete my validation

  2. I tried several times to access my dashboard l only see empty page , l don’t Kno the cause please help me. Thanks.

  3. I received my salary of October, November and December last year on the 23rd of August this year what happened to the other months of non payment?

  4. I have tried registering through this link, got to a point where they requested I should take an examination, then clicked on it and they requested I pay an examination fee of 1500 naira. Please I want to be sure I’m in safe hands. I would appreciate a response from you guys please


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