Top 5 Online Universities in the UK(2024)

Studying in the UK is a dream many students worldwide have. Still, ever since the Governments cracked down on immigration laws, most international students think they might have lost their chance to pursue their academic dreams. But don’t worry; numerous schools in the UK offer an entirely virtual study experience, and these degrees are accepted all around the globe.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, more tertiary institutions have been offering degrees for courses that can be taken entirely online; this is excellent news for international students and others who prefer a virtual learning environment to an in-person one.

Need help determining which online university to apply to? Don’t worry; I have compiled a list of the top online universities in the UK.

1.University College London

This Public university is considered one of the top universities in the world. It is a research university that offers a variety of programs from undergraduate to postgraduate studies, with over 11 faculties available on campus. The University College London also offers Digital certificates for people who complete their online courses, some of which are free.

2. University of Edinburgh

Their online courses usually take three years to complete as they offer the same workload as a regular degree. Online programs are available in almost all the faculties here, and your degree would be equivalent to a standard degree.

3.University of Oxford

Although only a few postgraduate courses are available for online learning, the quality of education offered here stands out. History, Continuing Education, Archaeology, and a few others are departments that offer online learning to its students.

4.University of Manchester

Similar to the University of Oxford, only postgraduate students can take online courses at the University of Manchester. Topics available for postgraduate study include aspects of Engineering, Business Administration, Medical Sciences, Education, Law, and Real Estate.

5. Open University

This is the original pioneer of online learning in the UK; they offer a variety of courses for students interested in distance learning.

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