How To Move To Ireland From Nigeria In 2023- See Practical Steps

Ireland, an island off the coast of England and Wales, is home to over 7 million people; its geography, comprising mainly of low-lying mountains with rivers extending inland, allows for the growth of different vegetation despite its climate. Guinness beer, Bailey’s Irish liquor, and Intercom are a few companies developed by the Irish. Immigration into … Read more

Canadian Work Permit: See The Requirements, Processing Time & Fee

Canada work visa home page portal

In recent years, the number of immigrants migrating to Canada has increased dramatically; this feat can be attributed to its immigrant-friendly laws. 2021 was a great year for Canada’s immigration as over 500,000 immigrants were welcomed, with 415,000 of them being granted work permits. Canada’s Minister of Immigration has released multiple articles stating how many … Read more

Germany Student Visa – See Requirements, Application, Fees & Processing Time

Germany has one of the best educational systems in Europe, as a result, the amount of foreigners applying to study here has sky-rocketed in recent years. Certain countries like Andorra, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, South Korea or the USA do not need a visa when applying for a … Read more

Internship In Canada for International Students(2023)

If you’re an undergraduate student studying in Canada, internships might be just what you need to help boost your resume and improve your chance of getting employed after school. Canada’s booming economy has resulted in many vacancies across various industries in the country, and these internship opportunities are also available to International students. A Canadian … Read more

Top 20 Most Powerful Passports In Africa(2023)

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The National Passport a person holds could make or mar their traveling experience. All over the internet, numerous videos and articles are produced by people who document their travel experiences because of their national passports. From positive experiences to tear-and harassment-filled experiences, what could be the reason different people are treated differently in their pursuit … Read more

Top 15 In Demand Jobs In Canada 2023

Over the years, Canada has consistently ranked as a top migration destination for immigrants. African, Asian, and South American immigrants consider Canada a top destination for studying, relocation, and working; with its friendly people, homely laws, and large immigrant community, the reason is self-evident. One of the main things migration officers look for before accepting … Read more

Australian Global Talent Visa – See Requirements & Application Guidelines

australia global talent visa

There are numerous ways of getting permanent residency in Australia and one of them is the Global Talent visa which is the focus of this article. The Australian Global Visa is a highly converted visa by most immigrants, mainly because it allows its holders permanent residency in the Australian continent. The benefits of owning this … Read more

How To Study In Germany From Nigeria- See The Cost

Have you ever thought of starting/completing your studies abroad? Germany might be the place for you. With its tuition-free education, cheap housing, and an extensive community of Nigerian students, Germany is the perfect European country to school in. Germany boasts one of the best educational systems in Europe, with education being compulsory for its citizens, … Read more

How To Move To Saudi Arabia As A Medical Practitioner

Saudi Arabia, like other countries in the world, is currently going through a shortage of medical professionals; the migration of nurses and other practitioners outside the country most likely causes this shortage. The Saudi Arabia Investment Authority released a report stating that the country has a deficit of over 30,000 nurses and doctors combined, causing … Read more

Best 15 Recruitment Agencies In Singapore(2023)

The Island Country of Singapore, located in Southeast Asia, is a business hub and one of Asia’s most popular tourist spots. In the third quarter of 2023, Singapore’s economy grew by 1.1%; the Singaporean dollar remains one of the strongest currencies in Asia, becoming a central trading hub and investment center for foreign investors. According … Read more