WAEC English 2024/2025 Questions & Answer(Objectives & Theory)

The West African Examination Council English 2024/2025 questions have been outlined right here on this page. After going through this article you would be certain of scoring high in your examination. English and Mathematics are the core subjects that you must pass or get at least a credit in regardless of the discipline you plan on venturing into.

The number of questions to be answered in the WAEC objectives and theory section is dependent on the instructions that year. The number of objectives questions might be constant but we cannot say the same for the theory questions so ensure that you go through the instructions before you start answering the questions.

WAEC English Past Questions and Answer Sample Questions

WAEC English Questions & Answers

The West African Examination Council English examination is grouped into three parts with the first being Objectives and this comprises 100 questions, the second being essay writing, and the third being test of orals, and this comprises 60 questions. Below is a list of some WAEC English questions:

In each of the following sentences, there is one underlined word and one gap. From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word and that will, at the same time correctly fill the gap in the sentence

  1. Michael is stingy but his brother is ______________

a. Generous b. Kind c. Humane d. hospitable

2. Success is the reward of _____________ not indolence

a. prudence b. attentiveness c. diligence d. sharpness

3. I don’t know how Yusuf became so proud; his parents have always been _________

a. gentle b. noble c. humble d. simple

4. The once unknown musician became ________ in a very short time

a. popular b. accepted c. respected d. admirable

5. Issa is very much interested in Education while his sister is __________

a. dull b. indifferent c. uncertain d. serious

6. The comment I made at the conference was general: being ________ would have hurt some people

a. ordinary b. specific c. tactful d. candid

7. Baba was purposeful in his search for a job but Bala was rather ________ about his

a. patient b. slow c. lazy d. casual


The essay topics differ each year but we were able to gather up some questions from the past years that you can practice with while preparing for the examination.

  1. Your father has just built a new house for the family. Write a letter to your elder brother who lives abroad, describing the new house and the prestige it has accorded to your family.
  2. Write an article suitable for publication in a national newspaper, discussing two major problems facing your country and suggesting ways of solving them.
  3. The electricity supply in your school has been irregular. As the Senior Prefect, write a letter to the Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association(PTA) telling him about the effect of this on the school and the need to provide a standby generator for the school.
  4. Your principal is due for retirement at the end of the academic year. As the Senior Prefect, write a speech that you would deliver to honor him/her at a send-off party.
  5. Write a story ending with the expression: At last, we arrived safely.

Ensure that you study with the syllables also if you want the full copy of this past question then comment below or send us an email stating the past question you want.

Before you start answering questions, ensure that you read the instructions thoroughly as that is the first step to passing the examination with flying colors. When answering theory questions, ensure that you answer the specified amount and the section stipulated to your country alone.