WAEC Physics 2024/2025 Practical Questions & Answers

WAEC Physics 2024/2025 Practical Questions & Answers- Are you among those who would be writing Physis in the 2024/2025 WAEC Examination? If yes, then this article is going to provide questions and answers to help you prepare ahead for the examination.

Before any examination, understanding the marking scheme and question pattern is very vital for anyone who wants to be successful. WAEC Physics examination comprises Theory and Practical which is also known as Paper I and Paper II. Physics Practical questions are usually gotten from three topics namely Optics, Mechanics, and Electricity though the same questions might not be repeated, it always comes from these three areas.

During the practical, you would be given instruments and would have to carry out the practical based on the instructions given to you and its important to avoid things like error due to parallax by ensuring you look at the rule directly also, its important to estimate to a given amount of decimal places.

WAEC Physics 2024/2025 Practical Questions & Answers

1. (a) you are provided with a pendulum bob,a metre rule, a stop watch,a retort stand with clamp and other necessary apparatus.

(i) Suspend the pundulum-bob from the clamp as illustrated inthe diagram.

(ii)adjust the pundulum such that AC = L = 90cm.

(iii) Displace the pendulum bob is slightly such that it oscilliates in a vertical plane

(iv) Measure and record the time t for 20 complete oscillations.

(iv) Evaluate T and the square root of L

(vi) Repeat the procedure for four other values of L = 80cm, 70cm, 60cm and 50cm.

(vii) Tabulate your readings

(viii) Plot a graph  with T on the Vertical axis and square root of L on the horizontal axis.

(ix) Determine the slope, s, of the graph.

(x) Evaluate g = 4n2/S2 (xi) State two precautions taken to ensure accurate results.

(b) (i) Determine from your graph the period of the pendulum for L = 75cm

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