Army Work In USA For Immigrant With Visa Sponsorship: See Entry Requirements

Every year, immigrants dream of joining the U.S. Army, but only a few know how to go about this. It has been noticed that most of them are deficient in knowledge about this, and this is the core aim of this application guide. The United States Army is the land force of the USA Armed Forces, which comprises six service branches: the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard.

As an immigrant, you must possess specific requirements before you can be allowed to join the Army, and making this choice will open up many opportunities for you.

Reasons Why You Should Join The United States Army

There are numerous benefits attached to joining the United States Army, but it can be summarized into the following:

  • Visa Sponsorship
  •  Financial and Healthcare benefits
  •  Education and Training: As a member of the Army, you can get help to pay for your tuition or that of your family members. One of the scholarships created to this effect is the Reserve Officer Training Corps[ROTC] scholarship.

Visa Sponsorship Programs In The Army For Immigrants

Below are some of the standard programs immigrants can partake in:

  • Military Accessions Vital to National Interest[MAVNI]: MAVNI is a program run by the United States Department of Defense to aid legal non-immigrants with certain skills to gain a job in the United States. Presently, the program is suspended; however, once it is reactivated, this article will update you.
  •  LINS (Linguist Incentive Program): Through this program, those with critical language skills can be recruited into the United States Army

Eligibility To Join The United States Army

Each service unit has its own requirements:

  • Age Requirements: Must be within the age bracket of 17 and 35.
  •  Must be able to speak and write the English Language fluently
  •  Should have a green card
  •  Must be physically and medically fit
  •  Must possess the requisite educational requirements

How To Join The United States Army

You can join the Army via a recruiter, and this is recommended on the United States Government’s official website. Visit www.goarmy.com to find out the steps to follow to achieve this.


Joining the United States Army as an immigrant is a reality; however, possession of the right knowledge is vital. To find out more about the Army, visit the U.S. Government military requirements page here www.usa.gov/military-requirements to find out how to go about that.

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