Canada Provincial Nominee Program[PNP] 2024: A Detailed Guide

The Canadian Provincial Nominee Program is a pathway created for immigrants planning to move to a specific province or territory in Canada. Each province except Quebec and Nunavut operates a PNP specific to their needs, so the eligibility criteria vary.

Provincial Programs are considered “nominee” programs because the final decision on who gets permanent residency depends on the government. The PNP is a 2-step program as successful candidates who are nominated by the province would have to apply to the federal government for their permanent residency permit.

How To Apply

There are three ways to apply for the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program:

  1. Applying through your chosen province: After carefully researching each province and the criteria they have, you can now decide on the province that you must qualify for and start applying. You are to submit your application form directly to the province of your choice; if your application is successful, the province will nominate you to apply for Canadian permanent residence.
  2.  Applying through the base PNP process: After applying for nomination (you do not need an Express Entry profile to apply), if you end up being nominated, you can submit your application for Canadian permanent residence to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada through IRCC’s online Permanent Residence Portal. It takes about 18 months for the application to be processed.
  3. Applying through the Express Entry Process

The steps include 

  • Creating an Express Entry account
  •  Submit your profile
  •  Apply to an Express-entry aligned PNP.
  •  If the application is successful, you will receive a nomination
  •  Confirm the express entry on your profile and receive 600 points.
  •  If you accept an invitation to apply for permanent residence, you can do so through the Express Entry system.

PNP Price Cost

Applying for a PNP is not child’s play, as many of the documents and procedures involved require a lot of money. Below are some of the tests/documents you would need to apply for a PNP:

  1. Language tests: $300 and above
  2.  Educational Credential Assessment (for people who studied outside Canada) $200
  3.  Biometrics: $85 per person
  4.  Government fees: $1325 (for adults) or $225 (for children)
  5.  Medical examination fee: $400(for adults) or $200(for children)
  6.  Police clearance: $100/Country
  7.  PNP processing fees: $1500

Total cost is between $2,300 and $3,800.

Please note that as all PNPs are different, the process for applying and receiving a nomination through the Express Entry system would also vary depending on the program. Some PNPs allow for migration without a job offer, while others do not. PNPs for international students, healthcare professionals, and IT professionals are different, and thorough research must be done before applying.

Processing Time

There is no concrete timeframe for how long the application processing would take, but it is estimated to take at least 3 to 6 months for the processing to be completed.

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