Germany Students Visa Requirements For Nigerian Students: See Processing Time

Are you a Nigerian student who would love to study in Germany? Every year, Nigerian students look for opportunities to learn in countries like Germany, where the educational standard is high. On this page, we will provide a list of guidelines that to achieve this dream.

Do You Need A Visa As A Nigerian Student To Enter Germany?

Yes!!! As a Nigerian national, you must possess a visa before being granted access to Germany. The only people exempted from applying for a visa are those from the Schengen area.

What Type Of Visa Do You Need To Study In Germany?

Various types of visas can be issued to Nigerians, but if your purpose of entry is to study, you will need a study visa. This Visa can be given once you meet the following conditions:

  • Have gained admission to a German University/School: This is for those who have been admitted to study in a German University or college, and the Visa to be issued is known as Visa for studying purposes.
  •  If you are yet to get admission but can prove that you have what it takes to sponsor your education, This is issued to those who have not gained admission to a University or preparatory college. Those under this category will have to apply for a Visa to apply to study.

The study visa is a temporary visa valid for three months, meaning that you will have to apply for a residence permit within that period.

Requirements Needed To Apply For A German Student Visa

Before applying for a student’s Visa, you will need the following documents:

  • A valid passport: Your passport is where the Visa will be stamped, and you must present a valid passport before the processing can commence.
  •  Biometric Passport Photo
  •  An application form: You’re to print the form, fill it out, and bring it during your appointment at the embassy.
  •  Proof of funds: You must have at least 11,208 euros in a blocked account. There are different ways to prove this, but you must ask the embassy in your country for the form you need to provide proof.  
  •  Admission to a German University: This is required if you have already been admitted to a German University.
  •  Proof of university entrance qualifications
  •  Health Insurance: Health Insurance is needed if you want to study in Germany. Checks will be done to confirm if the health insurance applies to Germany.

What Is A Blocked Account and Why Do You Need?

A blocked account is one created to apply for a student visa. This account will be requested by the German immigration authorities in your country during the application. The amount must be able to carry you throughout your stay in Germany for a year, and only a certain amount of money can be withdrawn from the account.

How To Apply For A German Student Visa In Nigeria

Follow the steps below to apply for a German student visa in Nigeria:

How To Apply For a Residence Permit In Germany

Upon arrival in Germany, you must register with the Registration office in Germany immediately. The Registration office is in charge of handling registrations and deregistration in a particular area. You will need to present the following at the registration office:

  • A valid passport or ID Card
  •  A completed and signed apartment provider confirmation from your landlord

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