See Australia Work Visa Fee, Requirements & Application Procedures For Nigerians(2024)

Do you want to move to Australia to continue with your career? Right here, we will provide guidelines on how to obtain the Australian Work Visa, the fee, the requirements, and finally, the steps to get one.

The visa will be processed at the Australian High Commission in South Africa, meaning that you cannot email the Commission in Abuja to get the status of your application.

There are different Work Visas, and the one that will be issued to you depends on the category you fall into. Below are the following types of work visas that can be given to you:

  • Permanent Work Visa
  •  Visa for Short Stay
  •  Regional Migration Visa
  •  Global Talent Visa

Permanent Work Visa

This option is for those who want to live and work permanently in Australia. Types of permanent work visas include Work Stream Permanent and business and investment stream.

The Workstream permanent visa is designed for those who have Australian employees sponsoring them, while the Business Stream visa is for those willing to invest in Australia.

Visa For Short Stay

The short-stay visa is granted to those who want to work in Australia for a short period. It can be issued to those who wish to undertake a training or internship program.

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Regional Migration Visa

This is for those who want to live and work in regional Australia. It can be further categorized into the following:

  • Skilled Work(Provisional Visa)
  •  Skilled Employee Sponsored Regional(Provisional) visa
  •  Permanent Residence(Skilled Regional) visa

Requirements To Obtain An Australian Work Visa

Applicants will need the following before they can obtain a visa:

  • An International passport
  •  Must meet the skills, qualifications, and English language requirements
  •  Proof of funds
  •  Travel Itinerary
  •  Hotel Reservations
  •  Passport
  •  Biometrics

Australian Work Visa Application Fee & Procedures For Nigerians

The fee range depends solely on the type of visa you intend on getting. As we stated earlier, permits are not issued in Nigeria but from South Africa. However, biometrics will be done upon invitation.

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