How To Write An Application Letter For A Teaching Job

Writing an application for a teaching job is similar to writing an application letter however, the difference is that this one is addressed to a school. Teaching jobs are very common in Nigeria as lots of graduates are looking for jobs in both private and public schools across the country and knowing how to write a comprehensive letter is mandatory for anyone who wants apply for a teaching job.

An application letter is usually submitted to the school management alongside other requirements. Having a properly written letter can boost ones chances of

How To Write An Application Letter For A Teaching Job In Nigeria

There are tips or points to note before writing an application letter regardless of the the position and all these tips will be outlined right here on this page. Follow the steps below to write a comprehensive application letter for a teaching job:

1. Know The School Youre Applying For Properly

It is important to carry out a proper research on the school you want to work with. Know the school properly, its locatio and also subjects that they teach because this will help you out when writing about the institution. Some of the things you have to know about the school includes its location because it will be used when addressing the management of the instituion.

2. Address The Letter Properly

There will be two addressess in your letter the first being your personal address while the second being the address of the school. Ensure you provide accurate details and include the date you applied for the position.

3. Write The Body Of The Letter

The body happens to be the most important part of the letter and here you will talk about your qualifications and also what the school stands to gain by hiring you. If you have any experience, then outline it here but do not repeat what is already written in your resume.

4. Conclusion & Salutation

Once you’re done, ensure you conclude by celarly stating the benfits of them hiring you also, you can show appreciation for considering you for the role. In the salaution, you will have to write your name and sign.

Enusre that your letter is simple and straightforward also avoid repetitions in your letter. Each paragraph should be well detailed and contain relevant information about the subject matter.

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