Latest News On Civil Defence 2024/2025 Recruitment, Training, Screening, Salary Structure

Is The Civil Defence 2024/2025 Recruitment application form out? We’re going to provide the latest news on the Civil Defence recruitment exercise and also talk about the training, screening, and salary structure. The training and the screening are phases that are carried out after the deadline for the recruitment exercise elapses.

The Civil Defence also known as NSCDC conducted a recruitment exercise and we talked about the requirements, application procedures, and others in the NSCDC Recruitment application guidelines article which we urge all our readers to go through.

What Is The Latest News On The Civil Defence 2024/2025 Recruitment Exercise?

The final shortlist for the previous Civil Defence recruitment exercise has now been published online by the CDCFIB which is the Civil Defence, Correctional, Fire, and Immigration Board. CDFIB is the board in charge of conducting recruitment for the agencies mentioned above.

Civil Defence Screening & Training Updates 2024

The Civil Defence screening and training for the previous recruitment exercise has been concluded. The screening was conducted first before the training exercise. Presently, the Civil Defence is ongoing medical examination for shortlisted persons and you can check if you have been shortlisted for the exercise via the steps below:

  • Visit the recruitment application portal cd.cdcfib.career
  • Click on the Civil Defence logo
  • Input your application ID and Phone number
  • Finally, click on the Search button to see if you were selected

Civil Defence Salary Structure 2023-See NSCDC Officers Salary

A lot of queries have been made about the salary structure of the Civil Defence Corps and we will shed more light in this section. Before we continue, we will talk about the available ranks in NSCDC, and some of them are outlined below:

  • Assistant Cadre
  • Assistant Inspectorate Cadre
  • Inspectorate Cadre
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre
  • Deputy Superintendent Cadre
  • Chief Superintendent Cadre
  • Assistant Commander
  • Deputy Commander
  • Chief Commander

The salary range in the Civil Defence Corps is ₦‎30,000 to ₦‎750,000 according to Akth.org.ng. The salaries of the ranks above are outlined below:

  • Assistant Cadre – ₦‎30,000
  • Assistant Inspectorate Cadre -₦‎35,000
  • Inspectorate Cadre – ₦‎40,000
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre- ₦‎80,000
  • Deputy Superintendent Cadre- ₦‎90,000
  • Chief Superintendent Cadre- ₦‎100,000
  • Assistant Commander – ₦‎117,000
  • Deputy Commander- ₦‎150,000
  • Chief Commander- ₦‎160,000

These are just just estimated and without bonuses and allowances added. If you have more information that you feel needs to be added, then inform us via the comment section below.

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