Nigeria Global Passport Ranking 2024

The Nigerian Passport is a document that you need to enter any country you’re travelling to as the visa will be stamped on it. When ranking a passport, there are various criteria used and the most common ranking index is the Henley Passport Index.

About The Henley Passport Index

The Henley Passport Index owned by Henley & Partners was launched in 2005 and they rank passports according to the travel freedom allowed by those countries’ ordinary passports for their citizens. Data used for the ranking is obtained from the International Air Transport Association(IATA).

What Is The Nigeria Passport Global Ranking In 2024?

The Nigeria Passport rose from 100th position to 95th position in the second Quarter ranking released by HPI. With the passport, you can access a total of 44 countries without a visa and we compiled the complete list here.

The statistics of visa-free countries for Nigerian passport holders by continent are outlined in the table below.

Middle East 2
Most West African countries allow visa-free access to holders of the Nigerian Passport, with the exception of the Mauritania where Nigerians can obtain a visa on arrival at the Airport. Cook Island and Madagascar are Islands off the East coast of Africa that issue visas on arrival for Nigerian travelers.