Npower Preselection List 2024/2025- See Batch C Stream 1 & 2 List

The Npower Preselection List Checking procedures have been outlined right here on this page. The Preselection list is different from the Npower shortlist and it’s important to state that before we continue with this article.

You might be wondering about the difference between the preselection list and the normal shortlist and those questions would be answered right here on this page. The preselection list contains names of those who are yet to do their physical verification and this step is important for those who want to be allowed to proceed to the next phase of recruitment or make the shortlist.

How Do I Check The Npower 2024/2025 Preselection List?

To check the list, simply visit the NASIMS portal via the URL www.nasims.gov.ng/login and input your details to check if you have been preselected. Another alternative way is to check the email address you used when creating an account because selected persons would be contacted.

The preselection list for Batch C Stream 1 and Stream 2 is what this article is about and once the list is available for other batches SEED is going to update all its readers immediately via this article.

What Are The Steps To Take After Being Preselected?

The next step to take is to undergo physical verification which we have written about in the article titled Npower Physical Verification. Once you go through that article, you would be able to undergo your physical verification immediately. It is important to note that without physical verification, you cannot make the deployment list.

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