USA Work & Visa Sponsorship For Nigerians- See Application Guidelines

The United States is one of the most sought-after countries by African immigrants, especially Nigerians. Securing a job is vital before moving over with your family, and this content will explore how one can acquire visa sponsorship and also a job in the country. This article will cover the definition of work and visa sponsorship so ensure you read it till the end.

What Is A US Visa Sponsorship?

According to Visaguide.world, visa sponsorship, also known as employment sponsorship, is when an employer in the United States employs you and assures the authorities that you will be a legal working resident willing to avoid the law.

The employer would provide the authorities with some details, such as the role and company alongside the salary and benefits. In summary, US Employment sponsorships are documents sent to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) containing different forms and employment information.

How To Obtain Visa Sponsorship In USA

In order to obtain visa sponsorship in the United States of America, you must first ensure that an employer is willing to hire you. You can find employers on platforms like LinkedIn and MyVisaJobs. Once you’ve gotten a position, ensure you prepare your resume alongside your documents.

Submit your application to the employer, and the assessment will be done before feedback is sent to you via mail or any channel of your choice.

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Work Visa Type For Immigrants In the USA

This section will discuss some of the work visa types for immigrants in the United States of America. This visa is a temporary visa that allows the holder to work in the country unhindered. Some of the visas that require sponsorship include the following:

  • H-1B visa
  •  H-2A visa
  •  H-2B visa
  •  L1 visas 
  •  O-1A visa
  •  O-1B visa
  •  O-2 visa


Obtaining a visa sponsorship is a reality; however, certain things must be known before initiating the process. You can read the article on visa guide.world here to find out how visa sponsorship really works.