Golden Opportunity: Australian Government Construction Visa Subsidy Program (CVSP) Is Ongoing

A Golden opportunity is here for Nigerians who want to move to Australia. Have you heard about the Australian Government Construction Visa Subsidy Program[CVSP]? If not, this is an opportunity for you to move to the country, especially if you’re in the construction sector.

Right on this page, we will discuss the Construction Visa Subsidy Program[CVSP], its requirements, and the steps to apply for the program. There is currently a need for the Australian Government to hire skilled immigrants to fill the demand for a skilled workforce.

About The Australian Government Construction Visa Subsidy Program[CVSP] Grant

The Australian Government introduced this program to support Western Companies in filling the demand for a skilled workforce. It is administered by the WA Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD). It aims to provide grant payments of up to $10,000 to support skilled migration visa pathways for up to 1,100 overseas workers.

The grant can be categorized into (CVSP Employer Sponsored Stream) and independent skilled migrants (CVSP State Nominated Stream). CSVP grant payments can be paid at three levels:

  • Eligible employers: They can receive payments of up to $10,000 per skilled migrant at three milestone points, namely Milestone 1, Milestone 2, and Milestone 3.
  •  To Eligible Skilled migrants who apply for visa offshore: Payments can be received at two milestone points, namely Milestone 1 and Milestone 2.
  •  To  skilled migrants who are already onshore when the CVSP commence

CSVP Program Starting Dates

The program is scheduled to commence after July 1, 2023, and is expected to last for 12 months or till allocation is concluded. With this information, it means that the program can run till July 2024 or eve exceed that period.

What Are The Requirements For The Construction Visa Subsidy Program[CVSP] Grant

The requirements applicants ought to possess for the Employer sponsored stream is different from the one needed for the State Nominated Migration Stream. To be eligible for the employer-sponsored stream, you must meet any of the following requirements:

  • You must sponsor a skilled migrant in the appropriate visa subclasses.
  •  You must be undertaking a business construction in Australia currently.

The requirements for the State Nominated Migration Stream are outlined below:

  • Must be granted a visa through the WA State Nominated Migration Program (SNMP)
  •  You must be working in an eligible occupation
  •  Your employee must be headquartered in Australia or undertaking building and construction work there

How To Apply For The Grants

Follow the procedures outlined on this page to see the guidelines to apply for the Employer-sponsored stream or State Nominated Migration Stream.


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