Germany Opportunity Card For Skilled Immigrants- Apply Now

Germany will soon start issuing opportunity cards in 2024 for skilled immigrants from various parts of the world who want to come and work and live in the country. With an opportunity card, those from non-European countries can enter Germany to look for a suitable job without showing proof of a permanent employment contract.

The opportunity card can be likened to the Canadian Express Entry program, where candidates are scored based on certain criteria, and those who meet the cutoff mark are selected upon completion of the program.

Many European countries, like the United States of America, have programs like the Diversity Lottery that allow foreigners to come to the country to work. Canada has numerous immigration programs and also has a page dedicated to providing information about these programs on its official website.

Eligibility For The Germany Opportunity Card For Skilled Immigrants

The Germany Opportunity Card program is a point-based program and candidates would be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Language skills
  • Work experience
  • Age
  • Link to Germany

The prerequisite is (at least) two years of vocational training or a university degree and sufficient knowledge of German (A1) or English (B2). To get more information about the Germany Opportunity card, visit chancenkarte.com/en/.

Best Companies To Work In Germany As A Foreigner

Germany is an ideal location for those in the Engineering sector, and this is due to an abundance of top manufacturing companies, especially automobiles. Some of the top companies you can consider working for as a foreigner include:

  • Volkswagen
  • Mercedes Bens Group
  • BMW
  • Siemens
  • Daimler Truck
  • Metro AG
  • Continental AG