How To Immigrate To Canada As a Panel Beater In 2024

Canada is open to receiving skilled and unskilled workers yearly, including Panel beaters. A work visa is a document that can help foreigners work and live in Canada. There are various categories of work visas, but there are mainly two: Temporary work visas and permanent/Immigrant work visas.

There is a high demand in Canada for panel beaters in 2023, and the inclusion can be seen in the occupation on the targeted occupations list, known as the NOC list (National Occupation Code List). The code for Panel Beaters is 7322, but it is known as Motor vehicle body repairers on the list.

As a Panel Beater, there are requisite skills that applicants ought to possess before they can be qualified to be employed by motor vehicle manufacturers. The job description comprises the following:

  • Repairing and restoring damaged motor parts
  •  Interior finishing
  •  Repainting body surfaces
  •  Replacing Automotive glasses

Requirements Applicants Must Possess To Be Eligible To Work As A Panel Beater

Candidates are expected to possess the following to increase their chances of being selected:

  • Completion of Secondary School is essential.
  •  Must have worked as an apprentice as a panel beater for a period of three to four months

How To Register To Immigrate To Canada As a Panel Beater

You can register via the Express Entry Visa program, and note that you don’t need to be offered a job before you can register for the program. The Express Entry Visa program allows skilled workers to apply for immigration based on their skills. You can read more about how to Immigrate to Canada as a Panel here.

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Canada Express Entry Visa Program: What Is It?

The Canadian Government designed this program to aid skilled workers in migrating to the country. The application is made online, and the visa is offered based on the applicant’s traits. The more points an applicant gets, the higher the chances of being invited to apply for a Canadian residence permit.

The various types of Canadian Immigration Express Entry Programs include the following:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP): For skilled workers with foreign work experience, it requires a high level of language proficiency in either English or French(Level 7).
  •  Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP): Requires a lower level of language proficiency in English or French(Level 4 or 5). Before applying for this visa, applicants must have a valid job from a Canadian company to prove that they possess technical skills.
  •  Canadian Experience Class (CEC): Applicants must have at least a year of work experience in Canada before applying and require an occupation that falls into the following categories: management, professional, or technical.
  •  Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): For those who want to become permanent Canadian citizens and have the skills, education, and work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory.

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