How To Move To Poland In [2024] As A Foreigner

If you have been planning to move to Europe, Poland might be your country. The Republic of Poland is located at the Center of Europe and is filled with beautiful cultures, an innovative economy, and many opportunities. The educational system here offers internationally recognized degrees, the standard of living is one of the best in Europe, crime rates are low, and the local indigenous people are incredibly welcoming to foreigners.

Are you planning to move to Poland as an EU/EEA citizen? The Polish authorities allow visa-free travel for all EU nations, although you must complete a few legal formalities before you are given a resident visa. Non-EU/EEA citizens need a type D visa and a temporary residence permit to stay in Poland for over three months. The necessary documents must be submitted to any Polish embassy near you.

Relocating To Poland Because Of Work?

Every non-EU citizen who wants to work in Poland must apply for a Work Visa. An employer would have to use and get a work permit for you before you can apply for a work visa; different work permits are given based on the kind of work you would be performing.

  • Work Permit A (for foreign officials who work for a Polish employer)
  •  Work Permit C (for people sent to work in Poland through an intracompany transfer)
  •  Work Permit D (national visa, valid for one year)

It is important to note that people who have worked in Poland for over two years can also relocate their family to Poland.

If you plan on relocating to study, the visa process will be slightly different, as prospective students need a student visa before applying for a temporary residence visa. The student visa allows you to work part-time and stay in Poland for up to two years.

Although relocating to Poland has a lot of pros, such as healthcare, affordable cost of living, cheap accommodation, and lots more, the language barrier is an issue as most citizens of Poland mainly speak Polish. If learning a new language wouldn’t be a problem for you, then Poland is a lovely country to move to