Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada For International Students(2024)

As an international student in Canada, studying while also paying for your daily expenses can be difficult. With the current inflation in the Canadian economy as well as the ever-increasing cost of living, earning enough money to take care of both your academic needs as well as your daily needs is the only solution.

Luckily Canada allows its international students to work a part-time job to help alleviate the cost of living and studying. Although as an international student on a study permit/visa, you can work both on and off-campus once your study program has been completed you would have to apply for a work permit to be able to continue working.

It is one thing to find a job while studying, and another issue to find one that pays well.

List of well-paying jobs you can find in Canada that accept International students as workers

Below is a list of well-paying jobs you can find in Canada that accept International students as workers:

  1. Library Assistant: With over $23 as the average annual pay, applying for a library assistant job would be a good decision. the tasks are easy to do and it doesn’t require that much experience.
  2. Teaching Assistant: As a teaching assistant at either a college or a high school you can learn on the job especially if you’re planning to go into any educational field. The pay is good, with people earning an average of $15 an hour
  3. Barista: Baristas earn an average of $14 an hour, the pay is good and allows for flexible work hours.
  4. Sales Assistant: This job is good for students who have week-long lectures, since most malls and supermarkets are really busy during the weekends you can make more money during this job while not neglecting your studies. The pay is $14 an hour.
  5. A Private Tutor: Tutoring high school students in any subject you’re good at can come in handy, the average tutor gets paid $16 an hour and you can also choose the number of students you want to work with- a win-win situation.
  6. Uber/Lyft Rider: Driving for any transport company is a nice way to earn a job, although this would mean you’d have to get a car. The pay averages at $17 to 19 dollars an hour depending on the company.
  7. Server/ Bartender: The average bartender in Canada earns around $14 to 15 dollars an hour, although this does not sound like much every bartender can be tipped up to 20% depending on the customer.
  8. Nanny: Hours are usually really flexible in this job, a Nanny earns an average of $14 an hour. If you have CPR training you are more likely to earn more.
  9. Web Developer: If you’ve got any coding skills this isn’t a bad option as the pay is usually much higher than average. It also doesn’t require you to have a certificate.
  10. Dog Walker: You can apply to any dog walking business near you or you can work for yourself, average pay is around $15 an hour.

The above jobs are not the only high paying jobs in Canada, but they are the most accessible for international students. Try applying to any of the above to help lessen your financial burden.