Top 15 In Demand Jobs In Canada 2024 For Foreigners

Over the years, Canada has consistently ranked as a top migration destination for immigrants. African, Asian, and South American immigrants consider Canada a top destination for studying, relocation, and working; with its friendly people, homely laws, and large immigrant community, the reason is self-evident.

One of the main things migration officers look for before accepting a Visa application is the potential immigrant’s ability to provide for themselves after migrating into the country. So, if you’re considering relocating to Canada, applying to jobs that are high-paying and in demand would be of great benefit.

Earlier in the year, Canada’s job market experienced significant changes, which resulted in job openings across various sectors, from healthcare to tech jobs to blue-collar jobs. Here is a list of In-demand jobs in Canada:

1. Registered Nurses

As a result of the pandemic, jobs in the healthcare sector have remained in demand since 2020, as many provinces are experiencing a shortage of healthcare providers in the country. Several immigrant options are available for overseas candidates who have experience in nursing. The average annual salary of a nurse in Canada is: $70, 975.

2. Electrical Engineers

This type of career requires a high level of education and skill as it requires one to have the ability to design, analyze, and build electrical systems. The average annual page is $91,832, requiring at least a bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

3. Web Developers

The booming tech ecosystem has opened up various opportunities for tech workers to migrate to Canada. Canada’s Global Talent Stream and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) are some of the few pathways a person can use to migrate to Canada as a tech worker. The average annual pay is $72,627.

4.Truck Drivers

They are needed in almost every province in Canada to transport commercial goods from coast to coast; their average annual pay is $46,823.

5. Welders

Welding services are in incredibly high demand in Britain, Columbia, and Prince Edward Island; artisans with welding experience who plan to migrate to Canada have an advantage over others as their options are more comprehensive. The average pay is $18 to $41 an hour.

6. Veterinarians

Canadians, like many people worldwide, are great lovers of animals/pets; sadly, veterinarians are in low demand in the country. A veterinarian license is the minimal educational qualification required to apply for this position; the average annual pay is $95,804.

7. Licensed Practical Nurses

Similar to Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses are in high demand here. There are several pathways available for overseas candidates to apply for the job. The average annual pay is $55,564.

8. Industrial technicians

Electricians enjoy some of the best jobs among their skilled trade artisans, with high-demand job positions across various provinces in Canada. Their annual pay averages around $68,000, and they only need on-site training or a trading certification.

9. Pharmacists:

Although Pharmacists are provincially regulated, they are still in high demand. The requirements to be a pharmacist in Canada might be stringent, but it is all worth it, as the average annual pay is $89,314.

10. Accountants

Accountants are crucial to the success of a company. Business growth post-pandemic has been high, with more businesses opening up new positions for employment. The annual pay is around $56,256 but is expected to increase in the coming years.

11. Business Intelligence Analysts

With the recent economic increase, business analysts are a must-have for major companies as they analyze data and create valuable insights for business growth. Their average annual pay is $82,000.

12. Network Administrators

Network administrators configure network hardware, handle repair and maintenance, and manage software for a company; their annual pay is $69,539.

13. Project Managers

Another IT role that’s in demand is that of a Project manager; as people who plan and oversee the completion of projects in a company, they are essential for business growth and progress. They average around $79,500 a year.

14. Laborers

These skilled workers who work on construction sites, farmlands, or any other site that requires manual labor are paid $18 an hour.

15. Sales Advocates

As individuals who access a customer in locating products or services in a retail environment, they are needed as the number of businesses in Canada is increasing. They are paid an average of $16.30 an hour.

16. Farm Workers

Canada’s Agricultural sector is booming and there has been an increase in the demand for farm workers. The top agricultural sectors in the country are dairy, and vegetable farming.

How To Apply For These Jobs

Due to the demand in the number of skilled immigrants willing to work in Canada, The Government introduced various routes to aid actualize this dream. Visit www.jobbank.gc.ca and select the province you will love to reside in.

Once you have selected the province, type the keyword in the search bar and available positions will pop out which you will have to go through before finally applying.

Are you already in Canada or planning on migrating anytime soon? Switching careers or learning a high-demand skill could help you get a job that would improve your standard of living.

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