UK Work & Visa Sponsorship For Nigerians- See How To Apply

The United Kingdom is a top destination for many Africans, especially Nigerians. One reason for migrating to the UK is for work purposes, and on this page, we will highlight how Nigerians can obtain Work and visa sponsorship in the United Kingdom.

What Is A UK Visa Sponsorship?

According to the Immigration Service, UK Visa Sponsorship is a term for individuals or organizations that agree to cover all expenses for an individual who does not have a certificate of income to pay travel expenses while abroad.

Businesses in the United Kingdom will need a sponsor license to employ a person from outside the United Kingdom to work for them. For financial and employment-based sponsorships, visa sponsorship is required; in the United States of America, employment sponsorships are documents sent to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) containing different forms and employment information.

How To Obtain Visa Sponsorship In UK

The first step to obtaining visa sponsorship in the United Kingdom is to find an employer willing to sponsor your visa. This can be achieved via different platforms, such as LinkedIn and the official website of the United Kingdom, www.gov.uk.

From this platform, you can get jobs such as caregivers, farm workers, truck drivers, and positions in insurance companies.

Work Visa Type For Immigrants In the UK

As an immigrant, you can either be issued a skilled worker visa, which replaces the Tier 2 (General) work visa. A Skilled Worker visa allows you to come to or stay in the UK for an eligible job with an approved employer. Some conditions must be met to qualify for this visa, and as a Nigerian, you’re also eligible for the following visas:

  • Global Talent visa
  •  Government Authorised Exchange Visa (Temporary Work)
  •  Senior or Specialist Worker visa (Global Business Mobility)
  •  Graduate Trainee visa (Global Business Mobility)
  •  Scale-up Worker visa


This article will help you as a Nigerian looking for Work and visa sponsorship in the United Kingdom. As an immigrant, you can work in literally any sector in the United Kingdom if you meet the requisite conditions.